In the first episode, we follow Dom as he discovers more about the plant as a fibre and its uses within the fashion industry. He speaks to a number of people within Afends to better understand it's uses and benefits, as well as their reasoning for moving towards using a fibre that until recently, had a pretty niche market.

This journey of discovery now takes us to the US of A - the land of the free, the land of guns and now the land of legal weed. Learn how the states of America bypassed their federal legislation and legalised recreational cannabis.

Still in America, Dom continues his conversation on the legalisation of cannabis with the newly retired DA of LA County. Are the concerns real or merely an assumption against a progressive society? Australia farms beef cattle, Larry from the infamous 'Emerald Triangle', farms cannabis.

Back on home turf, Dom journeys out to the Weed capital of Australia - Nimbin. Here he meets Andrew Kavasilas, secretary of the Australian Hemp Party, who concedes that despite the hype, legalising hemp and cannabis will never be easy. In this episode, you're taken back in time learn about hemp from the ground up - we're talking first fleet.

In episode five, we learn about medicinal cannabis use in Australia. Dom meets Dr Ben who questions the war on drugs. We have been told for years that cannabis kills brain cells by our government but why is there a patent on cannabis as a protector of the brain?

Hemp is often praised as a super-crop with a myriad of uses. Here's an overview of what it takes to grow your own crop. Dom meets with local farmers in Mullumbimby and Byron Bay who are trying to overcome some 70 years of propaganda.
Hemp is well on its way here in Australia, it's the medicinal cannabis story that needs more attention. Dom is invited to the United in Compassion Medical Cannabis Expo where you learn from great minds at the forefront of the industry.